All about Benzetacil

Expert answer:

Benzetacil is a antibiotic of the penicillin family, used in the fight against some diseases, such as bacterial tonsillitis (sore throat acquired outside the hospital setting), respiratory and skin infections, syphilis, long-term treatment for the prevention of rheumatic fever, among others.

Does Benzetacil hurt?

Yes, the injection of Benzetacil hurts in the application and the site becomes sore for a few days. This may be the major drawback of this medicine, since the The only form of administration of Benzetacil is intramuscular, that is, injectable.

However, the injection pain of Benzetacil can be dilution with xylocaine, an anesthetic that practically eliminates the pain of the application and greatly reduces the pain in the days following the injection.

In this case, it is necessary to have a prescription from the physician stating the dilution form with the addition of xylocaine as part of the dilution.

Another drawback is that allergies to penicillins are common and therefore care should be taken to do a test before taking the injection for the first time or to perform the first application in a hospital environment.

Can Benzetacil be used in pregnancy?

Yes, Benzetacil can be used in pregnancy, provided that it has the proper indication of the doctor and appropriate medical prescription. The medicine does not harm the baby and does not cause miscarriages.

It is known that penicillins pass through the placenta, although effects to the fetus, if any, are not known.

Although it is considered safe for use during pregnancy, Benzetacil should be used only when it is necessary, according to the proper medical criteria.

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Can Benzetacil be used in breastfeeding?

Yes, Benzetacil can be used during the period the woman is breastfeeding. There is no contraindication specifically related to breastfeeding, it does not cut milk and does not harm the baby (since other contraindications of the mother or baby are respected).

Benzetacil is excreted in breast milk, but if there are effects for the baby, they are not known.

Even so, women who are breastfeeding should only use Benzetacil with specific medical indication and prescription.

Does Benzetacil cut contraceptive effect?

No, Benzetacil does not cut the contraceptive effect and has no action on their efficacy, whether pill or injection.

What is the price of Benzetacil?

Benzetacil has a low price. If compared to other antibiotics or medicines sold in pharmacies, it is a relatively inexpensive drug. In the Unified Health System (SUS), Benzetacil injection is provided free of charge when prescribed by the registered physician.

What are the side effects of Benzetacil?

Side effects common of Benzetacil (1 to 10% of patients):

  • Headache;
  • Oral, vaginal and vulvar candidiasis (thrush);
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Side effects unusual of Benzetacil (0.1 to 1% of patients):

  • Rash, itching, hives;
  • Swelling caused by fluid retention;
  • Anaphylactic reactions, laryngeal swelling;
  • Hypotension (low blood pressure).