The urge to urinate at all times and not succeed. What can it be?

Expert answer:

The urge to urinate at all times and not achieve can be a urological emergency and must be evaluated quickly if this is installed acutely. Most of these cases occur in men over 60 years resulting from enlargement of the prostate (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).

In women, the urge to urinate and not achieve can be associated with postpartum swelling, bladder or urethral obstruction, urinary tract infection, and tumors in the vagina, urethra, or pelvis. In urinary tract infection, a woman feels the urge to urinate associated with increased urinary frequency and pain during urine output.

Other causes that may explain this desire to urinate and not achieve include intestinal constipation, drug use, prostate cancer, renal calculus, postoperative and neurological disorders.

Usually this symptom comes lower abdominal discomfort and sometimes pain. In chronic situations, pain may not be present.

If the person is in the mood to urinate and can not, it is important to seek an emergency service to perform the urine relief and then to continue with the clinical investigation.

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