I'm going to the gynecologist for the first time, what about him?

Good morning Dr. I'm 23 years old and I never went to the gynecologist, I started having intercourse and taking pill, the first visit the doctor will examine me or not? What should I tell him?
Expert answer:

One concern of women going to the gynecologist is the fear or embarrassment of being examined, in general the gynecologist will not examine all the vaginas of all the women he attends. In fact the exam will address your complaints. If you have a breast nodule, you will have to examine your breasts, otherwise the breast exam does not need to be done at all visits (although it should). If your complaints relate to a discharge he will have to do the gynecological exam, but if you do not have any complaints, he probably will not take the exam. However, it is best that you do the cervical cancer preventive once a year (ie, at least once a year you have no escape). And it is not worth telling the doctor that you have nothing just to escape the examination, there is no point in going to the doctor.