I'll do abdominoplasty and I'm at the end of menstruation?

Hello .. Good night! I'm going to do an abdominoplasty tomorrow and I'm on my last day of menstruation, does that prevent me from operating?
Expert answer:

No. The fact that you being menstruated is not an impediment to carry out the abdominoplasty surgery.

THE tummy tuck is a plastic surgery to remove excess fat and skin from the abdominal region. The care that must be taken before surgery includes the suspension of some medications, tobacco and alcohol. The other recommendations will be given by the responsible medical team.

THE menstruation is the peeling of the inner layer of the uterus that occurs due to hormonal regulation. The presence of it during, before or after surgery will not be an impediment to the performance. The surgery will also not influence the next menses. The woman will continue menstruating normally and following the rhythm of her menstrual cycle.

Talk to the doctor in charge for any further questions if you need to.