I will take the transvaginal exam how many days before unrelated?

I'm going to take the transvaginal exam, I wonder how many days before unrelated? Thank you!
Expert answer:

To perform the transvaginal examination The woman does not have to stay for a few days without sexual intercourse.

The woman who will be taking transvaginal can have sexual intercourse at the Last day the examination or even on the same day as this will not interfere with the result.

Some information about the transvaginal exam:

  • Inform the doctor if you have any sensitivity or allergy to latex;
  • Wear comfortable clothes;
  • Be aware of local hygiene after ultrasound, as there may be some gel in the vaginal canal;
  • After the procedure there is no need for any rest and you can return to your normal activities right after the exam.

The preparation for the transvaginal exam is simple, usually done with the empty bladder or partially filled. The procedure does not usually cause pain, either before or after.

The health professional will be able to explain the steps to perform the transvaginal exam and give you the opportunity to ask questions about ultrasound.