I have a fibroid and I want to get pregnant what to do?

Good night! I recently went to the gynecologist to do the routine exams and I quoted that I intend to get pregnant next year! Just to my surprise, I discovered that I have a 1.9cm fibroid that I could carry on an abacus if I became pregnant, according to the doctor. She prescribed the cerazette to be taken within 6 months in an attempt to reduce myoma. I started taking the cerazette and got menstruated for 3 weeks in a row, (it just stopped because I spent a week without ingesting it) and I talked to the doctor who told me that it was normal to do so at the beginning of the treatment. I continued the treatment, in the 2nd month I menstruated 7 days, normal and closed but got dirt in the panties like coffee grounds. The gynecologist said that would happen. Now that I have finished 3rd and started 4th, the "coffee grounds" has increased and I am now menstruating more than a week ago. I was unable to make an appointment to return to the doctor and I plan to stop this treatment and perform the surgery suggested before treatment with this contraceptive. And I wonder what type of surgery is most appropriate for a 32-year-old woman who intends to have children? Another question is: Is this bleeding normal? What to do? My sex life is almost stopping, I'm insecure tense! I just want an opinion I can not stand so many days menstruating, I think I'm getting pale! Please respond to me by email.
Expert answer:

A fibroid only disrupts gestation if it is in the myometrium (inner layer of the uterus), if it is intramural or external there is no need to do anything. Many women get pregnant and have their children with no problem even having several fibroids.

You can not go through the entire month bleeding, so you need to change or stop taking this medicine or change the treatment (surgery if it's really necessary).