I have a lump in my breast and I really wanted to get pregnant ...

Doctor I'm 28 years old and I've had a breast nodule for more than 6 years and I wanted to get pregnant but I'm afraid of worsening my case doctor take my doubts I can get pregnant even with that nodule in the breast or I can complicate me but doctor help me with this doubt there are people who tell me that I can get well after, I never had a child and I have a lot of desire to be a mother thank you and take away my doubt doctor
Expert answer:

Benign breast lumps (which should be your case) do not interfere with pregnancy or even breastfeeding, and some lumps may even thin or disappear during pregnancy, so stay calm and you may become pregnant. Of course, before getting pregnant you need to find an obstetrician to get an exam and start taking a medicine that every pregnant woman should start even before she becomes pregnant, only after doing so should she start trying to get pregnant. As well as getting pregnant I believe you already know so you will not need guidance for this.