Antisocial Personality Disorder: What is the cause and treatment?

Expert answer:

The causes of antisocial disorder are not fully defined. The origin of the disorder is associated with the combination of social and genetic factors and hereditary.

People with antisocial personality disorder do not seem to care or understand moral values ​​of "right" or "wrong," without expressions of regret or remorse for their attitudes.

It is an attitude psycho, that is, their acts deny their duties and obligations, as well as the rights and empathy of others.

Those who suffer from antisocial disorder do not understand the suffering of others or put themselves in their place, which favors the practice of aggressive attitudes towards others.


In order for an antisocial personality disorder to be diagnosed, the patient must have at least 18 years signs and symptoms should occur before the age of 15 years. The manifestations of the disorder usually begin very early, even before children start school age.


The treatment of antisocial personality disorder is done with psychotherapy individual and family, medicines counseling of family teachers.

The medication is used to control aggression, impulsivity, intolerance, among other symptoms, in addition to treating other mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, among others.

The treatment tends to have better results when antisocial disorder is diagnosed early and the symptoms are milder.

The social environment in which the person lives, as well as the involvement of the family, may also influence the response to the treatment of antisocial personality disorder.