Social Anxiety Disorder: What Causes and How to Treat It?

Expert answer:

Among the possible causes for the development of social anxiety disorder are genetic and neurological factors, traumatic events, shyness during childhood, physical and psychological violence, among others.

Social anxiety disorder usually begins gradually during childhood, resulting in serious damage to the professional, social and emotional relations of the individual.

Individuals with social anxiety disorder or social phobia, as it is also known, present an excessive fear when they have to perform some task in public, as to speak, or to be present in social situations.

Fear is the fear of being humiliated or being seen having embarrassing behavior in front of other people.

These patients are afraid of being evaluated negatively by others and feel embarrassed, humiliated, and ashamed.


The treatment of social anxiety disorder is done with psychotherapy and medicines. However, the role of psychotherapy is critical to successful treatment, as constant use of medication can cause tolerance and dependence.

Of the methods of psychotherapy used to treat social anxiety disorder, therapy cognitive behavioral is the one that has been most effective, with fast and lasting results.

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