Does thrombosis have a cure? What is the treatment?

Expert answer:

Thrombosis has a cure and the treatment is done with anticoagulant drugs, use of elastic stockings, resting and elevation of the affected limb. Treatment of thrombosis may also include the destruction of blood clots through medicines and surgical procedures, which ensures a rapid cure of thrombosis and prevents severe sequelae.

The main goals of treatment of thrombosis are:

  • Prevent the blood clot (thrombus) from reaching the lungs and causing a pulmonary embolism, which can be fatal;
  • Avoid formation of new clots.

In cases where the use of anticoagulants is contraindicated due to the risk of bleeding or complications of surgical treatments, the pulmonary embolism can be avoided through a filter implant near the lung.

At the beginning of treatment, the anticoagulants are injected and then replaced with oral medications.

The patient should remain in resting to prevent thrombus from detaching and reaching the lungs.

THE limb elevation (usually a leg) helps the blood circulation, which prevents the formation of new thrombi.

The treatment of thrombosis can be done in the hospital or at home, as long as the patient scrupulously follows the indications given by the angiologist or vascular surgeon. However, hospitalization has the advantage of the physician being able to better control drug doses and perform series exams.

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