Does Vitiligo have a cure? What is the treatment?

Expert answer:

O vitiligo has no curebut there are treatments which help re-establish the natural pigmentation of the skin.

Vitiligo is a depigmentation of the skin resulting from an autoimmune process against cells that produce melanin, melanocytes. The exact explanation of the development of this process is still unknown.

There is a diversity of treatment options which will depend on the age of the person, the extent of the body that was affected, the regions of predominance and the presence of other associated diseases.

These options corticoids topics, medicines immunosuppressants, phototherapy, care during sun exposure with constant use of sunscreen, application of laser and therapy of depigmentation.

O psychological counseling should be part of the treatment and it is very important for the person to understand the disease and receive support for stress management.

The treatment should be directed by the doctor / dermatologist.