Do you think I have a psychological pregnancy?

Rsrsrsrrs .... Do you think that I am already in a psychological pregnancy? ... Because I (I feel that I feel) that I am pregnant ... Because my menstruation never delayed so much? ... Even after the result my body already was to have become accustomed with a NEGATIVE naum do you think? ... And this business that the woman's waist grows wider ... Do you think it's true ...? Well my ta pretty ... Rsrsrs ... Sorry for bothering you ... But it's the only way to get my doubts ... Thank you ...
Expert answer:

The diagnosis of psychological pregnancy is an uncommon diagnosis and is usually more related to a set of sensations described by the woman without objective correspondence (no one sees these changes beyond it). I do not know if you have a psychological pregnancy. Actually I think, by its description, it's just a still undiagnosed menstrual delay. You need to see a gynecologist.