Is vomiting blood during pregnancy normal?

Expert answer:

Not, vomiting blood during pregnancy is not normal. Vomiting during pregnancy is normal, but without blood. In fact, the presence of blood in the vomit of anyone, whether pregnant or not, may indicate that something is not well and needs to be investigated.

A situation that may explain the fact that the woman vomits blood during pregnancy is the hyperemesis gravidarum, which is characterized by very intense vomiting that can lead the pregnant woman to lose a lot of weight and become dehydrated.

However, although it is not normal for these vomiting to have blood, vomiting very hard or for a long time may injure small blood vessels located in the throat or esophagus, producing blood splatters in the vomit.

If this is the case, the treatment should be done with medicines for nausea, in addition to therapies that may aid in the relief of symptoms, such as acupuncture, for example. If not properly treated, the pregnant woman may end up suffering from metabolic disorders due to vomiting or even a brain injury, in the rarest cases.

However, vomiting blood can also be a sign of diseases such as stomach cancer, gastritis, ulcer, among others. Therefore, it is recommended that the pregnant woman talk to her / his doctor during the prenatal visits to evaluate the origin of this blood in the vomit.