Do you know how to calculate your BMI?

Expert answer:

O BMI or Body mass index is an index used by physicians, nutritionists and other professionals in the area to assess the patient's weight in relation to their height and to check for low weight, overweight, obesity or normality.

How to calculate your BMI:

  • Take your weight and divide by its height;
  • Take the previous result and divide again by its height;
  • The result of this second division is your BMI.

How to interpret your BMI:

  • BMI less than 20 means below normal weight, ie your weight is too low;
  • BMI between 20 and 25 means weight within the normal, being the ideal is 24, being within this range its weight is considered normal and you should not worry, the closer to 24 the better;
  • BMI between 26 and 30 means on weight, ie your weight is above normal, light yellow, your weight has exceeded normal, it is not worrying, but you must be careful;
  • BMI above 30 means morbid obesity (greatly increases the risk of diseases associated with obesity), here the red light comes on, seek medical help.