Taking antibiotics before the hour is wrong? What to do?

Expert answer:

Taking antibiotics before the hour is bad because it can cause intoxication or the dose may not be absorbed by the body. What you should do is always take the antibiotics at the same time and meet the time of use determined by your doctor to get the results you expect.

The times determined to take the antibiotic indicate the time the medicine lasts or acts inside the body. After each interval, it will be absorbed or eliminated completely and therefore a new dose needs to be taken.

Antibiotics, to be effective, should be taken at the same time and administered in the same range (6, 8, 12 or 24 hours, depending on each medicine). If this schedule is not followed properly, the antibiotic may lose its combative effect or even cause undesirable adverse reactions.

If you take the antibiotic too soon, try not to repeat it and continue taking the next doses within the range indicated on the prescription. If you experience any reaction due to excess medication, seek medical advice.

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