Transvaginal ultrasound showed cysts in the ovaries, is it serious?

Doctor, I have been without menstruation for almost 3 months; I did a transvaginal ultrasound and found that I have small cysts on both ovaries, is this serious? Can I still get pregnant without problems? I'm scared to death that I can not get pregnant. My appointment is only in 20 days. Thanks in advance!
Expert answer:

In the presence of ovarian cysts not is necessarily a serious health condition.

Ovarian cysts and is a frequent condition in most women. These cysts arise because follicle that develops inside the ovary does not grow enough to turn into ovum, be expelled from the ovary and trigger ovulation. In this way, the follicles accumulating on the ovary in the form of cyst.

In the presence of cysts on the ovaries can be a benign condition what does not present any risks for the woman. This will depend on how the cyst appears, whether there is rupture or torsion, and if, as a consequence, there is some worrying symptom such as lower belly pain, severe vaginal bleeding, fever, etc.

When the polycystic ovaries are associated with a set of other signs and symptoms, the woman may manifest Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome may have difficulty becoming pregnant because they have irregular menstrual cycles.

It is essential that any examination be shown to the health professional who requested it to make a complete case analysis and correlate with the clinical aspects of the patient.