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Frequently Asked Questions about Ultrasound, Transvaginal Ultrasound and Ultrasound:

1 - Can I do transvaginal bleeding ultrasound?

It depends. It depends on the reason, depends on the clinic that will perform the exam, depends on the doctor who will perform the exam ...

2 - Can I make transvaginal ultrasound pregnant?

Yes. You do not have to be afraid, there is no risk to the baby and it does not cause miscarriage, it can eventually cause a little bleeding (rare), but nothing that should worry you.

3 - I did transvaginal ultrasound and did not show anything, but pregnancy test is positive?

The transvaginal ultrasound only begins to show the baby (gestational sac) from the 5th week of gestation (second month) before that it is no use to make nothing appear and will be in doubt whether or not you are pregnant.

4 - From when do you give ultrasound to see a pregnancy?

Only if this pregnancy is more than 5 weeks, ie more than one month of menstrual delay, before that does not help.

5 - Can Ultrasound Give the Baby's Wrong Sex?

Yes. It is difficult to do, but it is possible.

6 - I had a transvaginal ultrasound and had a cyst in the ovary, is this serious?

The vast majority of ovarian cyst consists of functional (ovulatory) cysts or benign cysts, malignant cysts are a rare occurrence. How to know which type it is? Talk to your doctor only he can give you the diagnosis.

7 - What does not seen ovaries mean?

It means that the examining doctor could not see the ovaries either because they are not there or because something has not allowed them to be seen.

8 - Hyperplasia or hypertrophy of the endometrium, what does this mean in the result of my ultrasound?

Both hypertrophy and endometrial hyperplasia signify that there is an increase in the inner lining of the uterus (the endometrium), because of the ultrasound it is not possible to determine which is the cause of this increase, so the doctor places both of them in the examination ( this is routine), to know which of the two and which is the cause and what really only means with the continuation of the investigation and realization of new exams.

9 - What is Free Douglas Bag Fund?

"Douglas Sack Fund" is the given name (anatomy) to a location in the abdomen located behind the uterus and if it is "free" it means that there is nothing there.

10 - What does liquid mean in Douglas Sack Bottom?

It means there is fluid there, it can be water (many situations and diseases), blood (some bleeding or intra-abdominal bleeding) or pus (some intra-abdominal infection).

11 - What is uterus in AVF?

Uterus in AVF is one of the normal ways of positioning the uterus and means uterus in anteroposterior bending (bent forward).