Transvaginal ultrasound hurts?

Expert answer:

THE transvaginal ultrasonography generally is a simple exam that does not involve pain neither during nor after the examination.

All pain is relative perception and very personal which involves the woman's fears and insecurities regarding the expected results, as well as the confidence she places in the professional who is conducting the examination. Therefore, although it is an innocuous exam and does not cause pain, some women may feel uncomfortable.

Transvaginal ultrasound is performed with the woman lying down and with her legs bent and away from each other. The doctor introduces the transducer (a kind of thicker pen) covered with a condom and lubricating gel to facilitate entry into the vaginal introitus. This transducer transmits the information identified in the cervix and uterus of the patient to a monitor where the professional can see possible changes or normalities.

It is usually a quick procedure that does not produce pain, but as stated above, this perception can be personal and vary from person to person.