Tomography: lungs with dense striae located in both ...

I took a motorcycle fall and hit my chest on the floor, because I was experiencing a lot of pain I took a CT scan and gave the following result: Lungs with attenuation coefficients within the limits of normality, except for the presence of dense striations located in both lung lobes, as well as the middle lobe and insula. Please help me figure this out. I went to show the exam, the doctor said it's because I smoked (I stopped 8 years ago) but I do not know if I have to go to another doctor, if it's going to bring me a problem ... etc. Thank you. Julia
Expert answer:

From what you have quoted they look like pulmonary sequelae from something that has happened in the past. It could be from lung infections, cigarette (maybe). Usually these scarring lesions are already defined and there is not much to do. The only form of treatment is surgical removal (rarely done, only in very specific situations).